Custom Made Shoes

Why make shoes from "scratch"?

Most shoes are made to fit "average" feet and do not fit wide, narrow, or irregular foot shapes. Also, most shoes are not designed to accommodate foot orthotics, and shoe shopping can be challenging.

Custom made shoes can also be made exclusively for you if you require accommodations for such conditions as bunions, hammer, claw or mallet toe, clubfoot, leg length difference, deformities, or uniquely shaped or sized feet.


Custom shoes can provide a perfect fit and excellent comfort. The first step will be casting your feet, and a custom shoe mould will be made. With your input, our Pedorthist and Shoemaker will design shoes that will be functional and beautiful. We will make fitting shoes to test the fit and function of the shoes. If needed, additional modifications will be made to the shoes. Finally, the shoes will be made with your choice of materials and colours.

About our Shoemaker

Yotam started making shoes over 10 years ago. In 2016 he came to Nova Scotia to attend Dalhousie University with the aim of becoming a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. He joined the Bedford Orthotics happy feet team in 2019.

Meet Yotam, our Master Shoemaker
and C. Ped. (C) Candidate
Yotam shoemaker

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