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Foot Care Clinic

We are pleased to welcome Marilyn MacDonald, Registered Nurse, as the newest member of our Happy Feet Team. Marilyn offers foot care services in our Bedford Clinic as well as in the comfort of your own home. Call us to set up your appointment at 902 832 9292


FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Nursing foot care for?
Most people seek nursing foot care when they have difficulty reaching their feet, seeing their feet, or managing the tools to maintain their feet safely. Some have particular issues with an ingrown or fungal nail. Others have diabetes and are advised to have their feet checked annually.


2. When and where are foot care services offered?

Our Registered Nurse is available at Bedford Orthotics clinic every Friday and for house calls at various times through the daylight hours of the work week.


3. How long is an appointment?

The initial treatment may take 60 - 90 minutes due to a full leg and foot assessment and health history, but maintenance is about 45 minutes.

4. How often do I need foot care?

Clients usually average every 6 to 8 weeks although some choose to come more often and others easily maintain every 3 months. Some clients, after one appointment, receive the teaching and customized plan they need to manage independently.


5. What does treatment cost?

Fees $45.00 in clinic and $50.00 in home - we encourage clinic visits where people are easily mobile.


6. Does MSI or extended health cover the cost of service?

Although nursing foot care isn't covered by MSI, most extended health and Veterans plans cover all or part. Since coverage varies based on individual plans, we advise contacting your insurer first to determine the extent of your coverage. Services are eligible for medical tax deductions.


7. How does a RN foot care specialist services compare to a pedicure I get at a salon?

A pedicure has an aesthetic focus in which the standards are regulated by the Department of Agriculture. Foot care by a Registered Nurse is compliant with health care in which the standards are regulated by best practise guidelines and by the Public Health Agency in which sterilization requirements are much more thorough and technique minimizes the risk of trauma. Individuals with less than optimal immune functioning, circulatory compromise, and diabetes should exercise caution when caring for their feet.

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