Healthcare Providers & Pedorthists Working Together


As part of the your healthcare team, Pedorthists consult with patients based on referrals from physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals.

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist – C. Ped (C) - is one of the very few healthcare professionals who are educated, tested and College certified in how to assess, modify, design and fit both custom-made orthotics and footwear.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists uphold an ethical code whereby they do not both prescribe the treatment and provide the treatment for their clients - similar to the relationship between a physician and pharmacist. This helps eliminate potential conflict of interest, as a patient can choose who will provide the treatment recommended by their physician. Even more importantly, the collaboration of healthcare professionals from different disciplines ensures a high-level of quality in patient care.


Including a Canadian Certified Pedorthist in a patient’s healthcare team, adds specialist expertise in mechanical foot pain such as gait problems and pressure points. Once prescribed by a physician, Canadian Certified Pedorthists spend up to one hour in their initial patient assessment to look at the whole ‘mechanical foot’ picture and then provide the correct treatment in collaboration with the patient’s referring physician.


Professional Development Presentations
Andrea devotes time each month to offer offer complimentary presentations on foot health, pedorthic treatment options and proper footwear selection with your professional team for their personal or professional benefit. Click 4 More Information

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We can modify the footbed of your Birkenstock sandals to the contour of your foot for greater comfort!​

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