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Notice to Patients - We are monitoring the Coronavirus Pandemic very closely and want to help keep Nova Scotians safe and do our part to prevent the spread of the virus.

In step with guidelines from our Pedorthic College and Health Canada no patient contact is recommended and aligns with recommendations from all levels of government to practice social distancing.
Therefore, all our clinics will be closed from March 18 until further notice.
Thanks for understanding. In the meantime, here some ways to temporarily relieve sore feet
If you had an appointment scheduled, you do not need to contact the office. We will contact you to reschedule. Comments/Questions Please call 902 832 9292 or Email us
Thank you again for your understanding, stay safe with your family and get involved in some CoronaKindness as you are able.
Andrea Richard, Bedford Orthotics

Feet, Leg or Back Pain?

Pain can take the joy out of daily life and make simple movements miserable. We understand, and wholeheartedly trust that we can offer you helpful solutions like we have helped thousands over the last 20+ years, with handcrafted custom orthotics and stylish orthotic friendly footwear.  Happy Feet Start Here!
We are your first choice for happier feet. Call us for more info today 902 832 9292!

1998 - 2018 CELEBRATING 20+ years at our Bedford Clinic & Lab located above CORA!
We look forward to the possibility of helping you for another 20+ years as we earn your trust with our helpful expertise, reliable solutions and remarkable service. 
Hand Crafting Orthotics with Care Since 1998...

The Bedford Orthotics Difference

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Not all orthotics are created equal. Consumers with sad feet and related leg or back pain can have a confusing range of options and promises in the marketplace to consider when choosing the best trusted solution for pain relief. Here are some reasons why our loyal patients have gladly recommended us to their friends, family and co-workers since 1998..

1. Pioneered a Reliable 3-D Full-Standing Weight Plaster Casting Method

We take the time to do it right and have built our reputation for long-term, pain-free results. We start by taking a reliable weight-bearing three dimensional plaster cast while your are standing up. For the same reason you walk around in new shoes you might buy, we believe it’s more accurate to cast you standing as your foot naturally touches the ground. After we create a true model of your unique feet we can best handcraft your optimal performance custom orthotics. We back our orthotics with
a full-year warranty. Better fit, less adjustments, faster sustained relief, assured.

2. Onsite Lab Service for Personal Touch Quality Assurance with Every Step

In our experience as your happy feet team, we can better assure high quality and more accurate fit of your handcrafted orthotics when we make them ourselves in our own state of the art onsite lab. We can also save you time because we can pop into the back room to make modifications while you wait. All our orthotics are backed by our warranty to ensure your optimal healing fit.

3. Friendly and Trusted Canadian Certified Pedorthist Expertise

Our pedorthic team of Andrea Richard, C. Ped (C), and Jennie Sollows, C. Ped (C) bring over 30 years of expertise for your foot pain solutions. They are proud to be members of the College of Pedorthics Canada. Much like your Doctors' College, the Pedorthic College supports consumers by ensuring members follow a code of ethics and pursue ongoing professional development. Andrea and Jennie are also active members of the 650 member strong Pedorthic Association of Canada.

4. Insurance Approved & Quality Protected

Private health insurance companies quality protect their subscribers by recognizing, and reimbursing for, orthotics crafted by the expertise of Canadian Certified Pedorthists as a qualified orthotics providers for health plan coverage.


Please Note: Individual health plans can vary widely. Please check with your insurance provider as to the depth and extent of your coverage.
A Physician’s referral is required to submit health insurance claims.

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1. Trusted expertise relieving foot & related leg and back pain since 1998. 

2. Reliable standing-up weight-bearing casting method with onsite lab.

3. Recognized Canadian Certified
provider for all private insurance plans. 

4. Guaranteed fit policy on all top brands of stylish orthopaedic shoes.

5. Full-year warranty on all orthotics
to ensure an optimal healing fit.

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