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Orthopedic Shoes

A foot orthotic is only as EFFECTIVE as the shoe it goes into, as the shoe provides the foundation for the orthotic to function properly.

Shoes can maximize the value of an orthotic or limit it. Not all shoe types are suitable for an orthotic. Many of today’s shoes, however, are manufactured with a removable insole. When this insole is removed, there is usually sufficient space for the orthotic.


Orthotics Friendly Footwear

We provide orthotics friendly footwear as a healing partner in the successful treatment of your pain and discomfort.

  1. We special order orthopedic shoes and guarantee your fit from leading brand footwear manufacturers.

  2. We change and modify existing orthopedic shoes to accommodate your unique foot conditions. *

* Shoes modified for medical purposes are tax exempt. Check with your private health insurance plans for possible coverage. All shoes come with a fitting satisfaction guarantee.

Orthopedic Shoes

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