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Custom Modified Shoes

In addition to offering free fittings to help you get the best top-selling stylish orthopedic shoes in every size and width imaginable we also make insurance approved custom shoe modifications for unique foot conditions.

Examples of footwear modifications:


  • Lifts for structural leg length differences

  • Changing the foot bed of your Birkenstock sandals to contour better to your unique feet

  • Stretching and excavating specific areas of footwear to reduce pressure and friction on painful areas of the feet including calluses, corns, bunions, hammer toes bony prominence's and bunions

  • Adding Rocker Soles to relieve painful pressure on the soles of the feet and help to replace flexion when there is loss of the function of a joint due to arthritis and other conditions

  • Adding Reinforcements to footwear such as widening the sole and adding strengthening material to the sides of shoes to increase the base of support, add stability and reduce the distortion of the shoe by the foot.


Ask your pedorthist about modification options that can be tailored to fit your specific individual needs.

View the custom shoe modifications chart. These modifications can be made on a wide variety of everyday footwear and are preformed with care to limit the visual impact of the shoe as much as possible.


A Rigid Rocker, a stiff curved up section under the toes, is added to help enhance and propel the body forward as you step forward. Red Aetrex boot sample pictured here are discretely designed to help with the following foot conditions: foot drop, rigid big toe joint, pain across the ball of the foot and fore foot pain.

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