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Types of Orthotics


Bedford Orthotics offers a wide variety of foot orthotics to fit your lifestyle. We handcraft custom orthotics at our on-site lab for workplace safety boots, runners and sports footwear, children’s shoes, casual footwear, low profile for fashionable dress shoes, and specialty shoes for people with diabetes.


General Purpose Orthotics

Your handcrafted custom orthotic is created from a foot mold built from a 3-D weight-bearing plaster cast. Your orthotics are hand made from the best quality materials available and are backed by our guarantee. These orthotics can be fashioned for any combination of activities.


Workplace Orthotics

Employees who stand or walk for a living can take proactive steps to prevent work-related injuries from developing into disabling conditions. Having proper fitting footwear, including regulation safety shoes, and orthotics can help.

Runner's & Sport Orthotics

Professional athletes and those with a dedicated exercise lifestyle have benefited and attest to these sports-specific orthotics. With the requisite biomechanical exam, you will have the best orthotic available for your active lifestyle.

Learn about runner's orthotics


Children's Orthotics

Children can be affected by poor biomechanics just as adults can. Poor biomechanics in children can result in several lower limb and foot problems that can be treated with orthotics and proper footwear.

Learn more about children's orthotics

Low Profile Orthotics

Gone are the days when orthopedic shoes and orthotics were ugly and clunky. We are pleased to handcraft low profile custom orthotics for dress shoes so you can step out on the town in comfort and style.

Summer Orthotics 

We are pleased to modify Birkenstock footbeds and fit Cambrian sandals with your orthotics.




Consumer Caution: AVOID purchasing orthotics in the following scenarios:


  • Dispensers who do not have the capacity to modify the foot orthoses themselves. This may suggest they lack training specific to foot orthoses.

  • Practitioners who take no interest in your footwear. The effectiveness of a custom foot orthotic is maximized in footwear that fits properly and is appropriate to the individual and their lifestyle.

  • Foot orthotics from Exhibits at Home, Trade or Sportsman Shows. How can you return with the orthotic if there is a problem?

  • Short term kiosks or health booths in malls or department stores, and the Internet.

  • People who come to your home or place of employment for mass screenings, or dispensers offering orthotics to an entire family without properly evaluating all individuals.

  • "Two for the price of one" deals and offers for "free items with the purchase of foot orthotics". Providers like Canadian Certified Pedorthists who are covered by your insurance plan are not able to make such offers under their Code of Ethics.

​(Courtesy of the Pedorthic Association of Canada)

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