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A foot orthotic is only as good as the shoe it goes into as the shoe provides the foundation for the orthotic to function properly.

Shoes can maximize the value of an orthotic or limit it.
Not all shoe types are suitable for an orthotic. Many of today’s shoes, however, are manufactured with a removable insole. When this insole is removed, there is usually sufficient space for the orthotic. 




Let's get you walking in comfort and style!

Step 1

We inspect and assess your current footwear (please bring in several pairs for review to your first appointment) to ensure they provide the best fit and are suitable for orthotics.

Step 2

We offer a complimentary sizing and footwear assessment consultation to help you invest in the best orthotic friendly footwear for your unique feet.  

Step 3

We are happy to special order your recommended choices in your correct size and width from the leading brands of orthopedic footwear.

Jennie, C. Ped. (C), reviews five important features to consider when choosing the best footwear to compliment your custom orthotics.

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