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On-site Orthotics Lab

How does an on-site lab benefit you?

1. More timely turnaround to aid your treatment

We recognize that you want timely relief of your discomfort and pain.

Our well-oiled team will quickly provide you with your custom orthotics to start you on the path to healing.

2. You get a truly custom product

We dedicate our experience with the tools and equipment needed to create your custom orthotics, built for your unique feet. The orthotics are made from a plaster mold of the foot using raw materials since 1998.

3. Full-weight reliability

We start off right with the reliability of a weight bearing cast that provides an accurate model of your feet in their optimal position as they meet the ground.

4. Quality control

We promise that your orthotics will stay in the hands of our  professionals, every step of the way, from molding  to fitting delivery. We can better assure high quality and more accurate fit of your handcrafted orthotics.

5. Time-saving adjustments

We can also save you time because we can pop into the back room to make modifications while you wait. All our orthotics are backed by our warranty to ensure your optimal healing fit. All fine-tuning adjustments are complimentary for the first year.

Painful feet and the problems they cause can lead to frustration and sadness, especially over time.


Here's the good news!

Our Bedford Orthotics happy feet team is ready to do what it takes to get you on the move again. 

Happy Feet For Life.

Bedford Orthotics weight-bearing full-standing casting
Bedford Orthotics pouring a cast
how we cast
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